The Ethical Challenge of the Image of God in the 21st Century – Human Rights and Beyond

Dr. J. Richard Middleton | March 9, 2017
March 9, 2017|

Foreword This is the first post in an ongoing forum on the topic “What Practical Relevance Does the ‘Imago Dei’ Have for the Advance of Human Rights, Read More

A New Approach to Gender-Lens Grantmaking

Neera Nundy, Musimbi Kanyoro & Emily Nielsen Jones | February 17, 2017
February 17, 2017|

This post is a re-release of an article that originally appeared in the Stanford Social Innovation Review but was adapted to appear in the Spring 2017 edition Read More

Wholeness of Life in Lwala & Beyond: The Faith & “Philanthropos” Back Story Behind the Founding Of A Kenyan NGO

Craig Parker | January 16, 2017
January 16, 2017|

Foreword In our first blog post, we described our mission of "philanthropos" (love of humankind) and how this has drawn us into an incredible web of inspiring Read More

Ending 2016 with Gratitude, Angst, and Hope

Debra Veth | December 16, 2016
December 16, 2016|

Each year in December the IDF team takes time to reflect back on the year that’s ending and plan for the coming year. This is usually a Read More

For the Love of Humankind

Emily Nielsen Jones | December 7, 2016
December 7, 2016|

Welcome to the Inukshuk Blog! Our “business” at the Imago Dei Fund is philanthropy, a word that means “love of humankind.” It is derived from the Greek Read More

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3 Reasons Why Craftsmanship is a Good for Women

Rebecca van Bergen | March 9, 2017
March 9, 2017|

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Founder and Executive Director of Nest celebrates women artisans around the world. 1. Craftsmanship connects us as women. The art of making beautiful objects with our hands is a sacred act that women have been engaged in since practically the beginning of time. Craft has sprung up as a pillar of cultural identity in virtually ever corner of the world. From the batik textile dying process in Indonesia, known locally as “the art of women’s hands” to elaborate Maasai beading in Kenya or backstrap loom weaving in Peru, women have been expressing themselves Read More

Delta SkyWish Partners with Polaris Project

March 9, 2017
March 9, 2017|

Every day, traffickers use the world’s vast transportation networks to exploit their victims. We see human traffickers operate wherever a transportation system can be utilized for profit - in truck stops, train stations, cabs, and airports. That's why partnerships are important, so Polaris can bring awareness to human trafficking in transportation hubs across the nation. And the airline industry is fighting back, taking steps to eliminate trafficking from their networks and supporting survivors with help. In that vein, Polaris and Delta Air Lines are announcing a new partnership enabling Delta flyers to directly support survivors of human trafficking through their Read More

Girls Flying Kites – A Playful Act of Defiance Against the Discrimination Girls in Haiti Face

March 9, 2017
March 9, 2017|

Research from across the developing world shows that investing in the safety, education, and equality of girls is the most effective way to improve the quality of life for everyone in a community. Learn how you can organize a kite flying event in your community to come together in an act of solidarity with girls in Haiti to help transform our world. Read More

DREAM. DARE. DO. A Symposium on Women, Philanthropy, and Civil Society, March 14-15

March 9, 2017
March 9, 2017|

The American landscape is crowded with examples of women’s entrepreneurial spirit in building a strong civil society through philanthropy. DREAM. DARE. DO. brings together a wide range of speakers from across the nonprofit sector for a national conversation about private action for the common good. Read More

Lenten Resources from Silencio – A Trail of Tears

March 9, 2017
March 9, 2017|

Lent is a weighty time of year when we are invited to enter into our brokenness and need for Christ. It is a time to pray for healing for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. It is a time when we become acutely aware of our grief, our regrets, our limitations, our lament. It is also a time when we learn most deeply that we are not alone. Read More

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