Thank you for bearing with us during what has become something of a “gap year” as we use this time of transition to chart a new course forward for IDF which builds on our first eight years of grantmaking and looks ahead to increase our impact in the world.

A big thank you to Tory Dietel Hopps and Tom Fry with Dietel Partners for all they have done to walk beside us as thought partners and advisors in both looking backwards and looking forwards to ask: What is ours to do in the world? What brings us joy? How can we leverage our unique passions, assets, and levers for change to take our impact to the next level?

We will still be in transition in Q1 2018 as we continue to refine our strategy and make other hires but expect to be “back in the saddle” with our regular grantmaking by the beginning of Q2.

A thank you as well to Michele Breene who will be working with us individually and as a team as an executive coach to extend this time of reflective “pause” to continue to work to “create a team culture that is innovative, learning agile, and resilient” within the “volatility, unpredictablity, complexity, and ambiguity” that is a constant in our world. (from The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward) Our hope as we look to expand our team is to create an espirit de corp where we as a team continue to learn and grow, individually and collectively, and derive joy in participating in the change we are funding and hopefully become better people in the process!