Granting Lenses How we see partnerships

We consider prospective granting opportunities in the light of our focus areas, strategies, values and priorities. These lenses help us discern among many amazing funding opportunities. No single lens determines fit; we take a holistic view to decide where to engage in advancing human rights, alleviating suffering, and promoting the shared dignity and agency of all human beings made in God’s image.

Holistic Approach

We are particularly led to holistic approaches which tap into and unleash a process of indigenous-led, community-driven social transformation, addressing the needs of the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—and seeking to address the deeper roots of underlying humanitarian problems.

Faith Inspired

Motivated by our Christian faith, our love of humanity, and our shared commitment to accomplish good things together, we partner with visionary and impactful organizations to restore the imago dei (“image of God”) in our world where it is most threatened and vulnerable.

Gender Focus

A world where inequalities persist is a world out of balance. We partner with organizations with active strategies to co-create a world where the masculine and the feminine exist in balance, mutuality, and justice rather than in hierarchy. 

What We Look For

What We Look For

Systemic Thinkers

Heart & Soul

Bridge Builders

Community Driven

Market-Based Elements

Potential for Scale and Impact

Synergies with IDF

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Where We Grant

Where We Grant

Meet Our Grantees

Imago Dei Fund grants to over 150 nonprofits organizations each year.