Today is the International Day of Human Rights and the last day of the 16 days of Activism to End Gender Violence campaign.

The International Day of Human Rights is a celebration of the anniversary of the 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On this date in history, nations of the world gathered to respond to the massive number of deaths that occurred during the Second World War. Member States agreed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in an effort to address and prevent the oppression, discrimination, and violence that led to the war.


International Human Rights Day is the last day of the 16 days of activism campaign to encourage reflection on women’s rights to safety, health, information, education, and income-generation as a universal human right. Below are some examples of the work that grantee partners are doing to promote women’s rights as human rights as well as a prayer to close our campaign. The prayer is given by Reverend Dominic Misolo, ordained priest in the Anglican Church of Kenya, Executive Director of the Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education, co-founder and board member of Geno Women for Participatory Research and Development, and adjunct lecturer in Theology and Gender Studies at Great University of Kisumu, Bishop Okullu College of Theology.

Prayer for Peace, Justice, Reconciliation & Healing

Prayer for Justice: Loving God, may you show justice to Women and Girls that suffer violence, discrimination, and low self-esteem just because they are born females. Lord Have Mercy

Prayer for Healing: Loving God, may the souls of many Women and Girls that suffer violence in the hands of intimate partners and caregivers to find peace and healing, even the departed souls. Lord have mercy.

Prayer for Leadership: Loving God, may your servants in leadership both in the Church and Society be sensitive to the pain, tears, and deep wounds of survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence. Lord have mercy

Prayer for Family: Loving God, may your whole truth of mutual love, mutual respect, and mutual submission in marriage be the basis for our shared humanity for happy families.

Prayer for Reconciliation: Loving God, as your children men and women made in your own image, may our daily lives portray your likeness as we reconcile within ourselves and our neighbors. Lord have mercy.

Below are some examples of how our grantee partners are contributing!

Strong Minds

At StrongMinds, we believe mental health is a human right. Using our proven group talk therapy model, we provide life changing treatment for depression. Seventy-five percent of the women who enter our twelve-week program are depression-free by the end. Our goal is to treat two million depressed African women by 2025. Learn more at

Child Helpline Cambodia

At Child Helpline Cambodia, we have 150 T-Shirts with key education message of “Ending Violence Against Women and Girls” distributed to Helpline Ambassadors, who are agents of social change in communities and Local Authorities. We also post the pictures of the T-Shirts on CHC Facebook page to promote the campaign of 16 Days of Activism by appealing to audiences to answer questions of what campaign it is from 25 November till 10 December 2018. The first 20 correct answers are rewarded with a T-Shirts as a motivational gifts/presents.

Our Facebook post related to 16 Days of Activism Campaign #HearMeToo is at

Learn more about the international campaign to defend women defending human rights here: