Grantmaking Priorities

Over the next several years, IDF will be focusing its funding and support in the following areas:

Supporting Women and Girls to Thrive and Flourish

Working alongside partners who are removing barriers and increasing access for women and girls in education, health, and the economy, so that they can reach their full potential. We also seek to partner with those addressing human rights issues for women and girls including sex-trafficking, slavery, and gender-based violence as well as supporting refugees.

Church as Change Agent

Support efforts to engage the prophetic energy of faith to create gender balance, improve the lives of the most marginalized, and provide soul care.

Being a Good Neighbor in Boston

Support community-driven development efforts in our own backyard and work with churches and NGOs to tackle human rights issues at home and around the world.

While we are excited to work in each of these areas distinctly, we are particularly excited to partner with organizations working at the intersections of these areas:

Selection Criteria

In addition to alignment with one or more of the above themes, we apply three lenses to our decision-making processes based on our values:

Gender Balance

A world where inequalities persist is a world out of balance. We partner with organizations with active strategies to co-create a world where the masculine and the feminine exist in balance, mutuality, and justice.


Faith is a powerful motivator in repairing the injustices of our world. Motivated by our Christian faith, we seek to partner with faith-inspired and visionary leaders who are putting faith to work in a variety of organizations to address the deep roots of our world’s humanitarian problems.

Community-Driven Development

We are particularly led to holistic approaches which tap into and unleash a process of indigenous-led, community-driven social transformation, addressing the needs of the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—and seeking to address the deeper roots of underlying humanitarian problems.

Grantmaking Process

We approach our grantmaking holistically – proactively seeking to understand an ecosystem and partnering with multiple people and organizations to create change. We are most interested in efforts that leverage community empowerment and decision-making, are having an impact, designed to be effectively sustained, and that have a right-sized growth strategy for what they are trying to accomplish.
Imago Dei Fund only considers applications for funding by invitation. We do not accept or review unsolicited proposals or letters of inquiry.