The Hebrew word “Shalom” means peace, wholeness, interdependence and harmony within and between people, God and the natural world. Shalom begins within and extends outward towards others and the world in which we live. Shalom is not just a lofty abstract ideal but also earthy and practical and presumes a level playing field of justice.

The mandate of restoring shalom in our world is all of ours; a continual process for the larger good of the human family. To this end, IDF invests in social change that gives vulnerable people the opportunity to thrive and realize their true potential.

We are also committed to advancing human rights, human dignity and gender balance. We seek to mend a broken world where girls and women are devalued, oppressed, and denied basic human agency and necessities like education and health care. We seek to not just combat social and economic ills burdening marginalized people, but also to transform the cultural, religious and traditional ideas and structures that sanction and perpetuate them.

We stand behind inspired change agents who are challenging cultural and religious systems that perpetuate injustice, who offer water and bread to the thirsty and hungry, and who help break the cycle of poverty by providing access to capital and business training.