The search continues for new Live-In Community members! For 51 years, Haley House has operated as a soup kitchen run by a community of “live-in” volunteers. This community collaboratively manages the soup kitchen, which has the mission to serve nutritious, made-from-scratch meals and create an atmosphere where friendship and community is fostered across all societal boundaries. In addition, they devote time and energy to forming deep relationships with each other and with our guests.

Living and working at Haley House offers a unique opportunity to experience intentional community living (5-7 people), self-growth, consensus-based decision making, contemplative discussion, interactions with new people each day, hard work, volunteer delegation, lots of cooking, and much joy along the way!

The current community at Haley House is seeking new members who can commit to two years as a member of the community. Applications are processed on a rolling basis and they are looking for applicants to begin as soon as possible. For more information about the live-in community of Haley House, click here, or email the community here.