Granting Update

The Imago Dei Fund has entered into a season of change and have been using the analogy of “renovating a house” to describe the work our team is doing to build upon the strong foundation created over the past 8 years. The overall mission and values of IDF will remain the same, but our goal is to find ways to deepen and broaden the impact IDF has within the larger movements and sectors it funds. As part of this process, we’ve decided to pause all funding (including Keep the Spark Alive and grant renewals) so that our team can give this work the attention and focus it deserves. We hope to complete our strategy work by the end of Q1 (March), and will resume granting shortly thereafter. For those at the end of a grant, please submit final reports and any requests for continued funding as planned, and we will review these and share funding decisions in Q2. Our team will communicate to the IDF network once we’ve resumed granting and will restore the ability to apply for grants via our website at that time.

Submit a Follow-up Report

When a grant has been awarded, we ask for periodic follow-up reports to be submitted. They should be submitted online via the IDF grant management system (see instructions below). The Grant Agreement submitted upon acceptance of a grant indicates agreed upon dates for follow-up reporting; grantees also receive an automated email reminder three weeks prior to report due date(s). If the timing of an assigned report becomes inconvenient, feel free to reach out to your primary contact at IDF to discuss alternatives.

Contact Us

For questions or more information about the Imago Dei Fund, contact us: