A new VOX article estimated that 800 Haitians have died due to Hurricane Matthew. However, knowing that aid workers still cannot get to many of the devastated areas, Government officials still can’t give a clear picture of the situation. We know that more people will die because they cannot even receive basic health needs. (no clean water, no shelter, no health care, no electricity, no food etc.). So many children are crying for water, food and their mothers can’t provide for them. Many will die from starvation. This is what we call a Humanitarian Crisis.

I spoke to a few community leaders in Haiti this morning who reported that some people are even trying to commit suicide. They had to wait for 4-5 years before they could move out from their tents after the massive earthquake. Now that they finally started to have a place called home, they find themselves back to the street with absolutely nothing. The situation is desperate.

One thing to understand is that there is no insurance to rebuild your home when you are victims of natural disasters or to help replace your material possessions.

Suggestions to partner with local organizations instead of large ones.

One of the biggest concerns people have, in cases like this one, is how do I know that my money is going to the people in need. We know stories after stories of people who take advantage of these sad situations to enrich themselves. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

It is suggested to partner with local organizations that can bring immediate help to families in areas where they are. We want donations to go directly to families and not to cover administrative costs of large organizations. Please continue to keep Haiti in your prayers. Be an Ambassador at work, in your community to help enlist support the families in Haiti.

God Bless!