Dear Friend,

I hope that you are doing well!As many of you may have seen through social media channels, last week was a truly traumatic and heartbreaking week for Nomi Network’s programs in India.

What started as threats of a flood in 2-3 districts of Northern Bihar (where our offices are located), became a powerful monsoon that would impact 20 districts and leave  24 million people displaced across India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Our field staff has been working tirelessly to bring relief to the families in the midst of turbulent waters, while homes and bridges are collapsing and people are seeing their homes and all their worldly possessions disappear.

Today, we saw a video of a family from Bihar’s Araria District swept away in a river as they were trying to cross a damaged bridge. Please be warned that this video is graphic and not suitable for all audiences.

Bihar is the poorest state in India, poor infrastructure, and mafia driven. We have two offices – Araria and Kishganj, both areas that were heavily hit.

Our field office building is currently being used as a shelter for several of our women and their families that have been displaced. Our team has been walking miles through flooded road-ways to deliver food and clean water to those most affected. They have been providing help to the families affiliated with Nomi Network as well as others in surrounding villages.

We want to come alongside our staff, the women in our programs, and the villagers in this region – but we need your help! We need your help to provide these families with food, clean water, relief packages, shelter, and financial assistance. Will you make a donation towards our Disaster Relief Fund for Bihar? I will continue to keep you updated via social media as events unfold.

Thank you so much for your support and solidarity in this challenging time!

Warmest and Humbly,

Diana Mao

President & Co-Founder, Nomi Network