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CBE International to Host Annual “Mutual By Design” Conference on July 21-23 in Orlando, FL

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This is a fabulous opportunity for Christians working in global development to deepen their understanding of the theological roots of gender-based oppression, cultivate a more egalitarian theological framework, and interact with Christians who are working to enlist faith in the service of a more just world. Read More

The Boston Girls Empowerment Network, a New Network of Girl-Serving Organizations Launched

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The Imago Dei Fund is proud to announce the launch of a new network of girl-serving organizations–the Boston Girls Empowerment Network–led by local partner Nickey Mais-Nesbeth. For more information, please view the BGEN Womens Affirmation Dinner Flyer and the BGEN Meeting Schedule 2017. Read More

Raj Panjabi to Deliver Last Mile Health’s First TED Talk at the 2017 TED Conference

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In only a few weeks, Raj Panjabi will deliver Last Mile Health’s first TED Talk at the 2017 TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Even if you are not attending the conference, you can join local Last Mile Health supporters at watch parties in the following locations on April 25:

RSVP here to join a screening. The first ten people to RSVP for any screening will receive tickets on us – free of charge!

If you are not a lucky winner, you can buy tickets to one of the parties via the links to the theaters above.

Don’t see your city on this list? You can start a watch party in your location. Click here for participating theaters around the world, and be sure to RSVP above and let us know about it.

PS. The TED Prize Event will feature Raj’s talk, but that’s just the start. Serena Williams, Gayle King, Atul Gawande, and 2016 TED Prize winner Sarah Parcak will also be speaking. It’s going to be a great session, and we’re hoping you’ll join us live.

Haitian Company Selected for Sephora’s Accelerator

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After months of matchmaking, lobbying, and preparation, Alter helped Kreyol Essence to become the first ever Haitian company in the Sephora Accelerator. The opportunity to pitch to top investors and potentially have their products distributed in Sephora stores could have a monumental impact on the number of farmers and manufacturers the company will employ in Haiti! Read More

3 Reasons Why Craftsmanship is a Good for Women

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In honor of International Women’s Day, the Founder and Executive Director of Nest celebrates women artisans around the world.

1. Craftsmanship connects us as women. The art of making beautiful objects with our hands is a sacred act that women have been engaged in since practically the beginning of time. Craft has sprung up as a pillar of cultural identity in virtually ever corner of the world. From the batik textile dying process in Indonesia, known locally as “the art of women’s hands” to elaborate Maasai beading in Kenya or backstrap loom weaving in Peru, women have been expressing themselves through garment-based craft for centuries. In a world today that is increasingly divided and continually unkind to women, we can find healing, strength, and beauty in what we make with our hands.

2. Craftsmanship gives women economic opportunity. Not only is craftsmanship a beautiful way to connect with women through shared artistry and creative expression, it is a way to truly support fellow women economically. The art of making is something that can be done from home, which is not a fact to be taken lightly considering that the majority of the world’s women face unsafe or unhealthy environments in the workplace. For many, they are family leaders, and craft gives them the means to earn a sustainable income while caring for their children. Craft production is the 2ndlargest employer of women in developing economies and 70% of garment production is estimated to be done by women.

3. Craftsmanship is a study in the beauty of imperfection. In a culture where perfection is often at the forefront, there is much we can learn about the perfection of imperfection through craftsmanship. The nature of handmade is to be imperfect and therein lies its beauty. That imperfection makes a garment one-of-a-kind and something to be treasured. In a mass produced world in which fashion runs the risk of homogenization, craftsmanship reintroduces the importance of being true to oneself and embracing ones supposed “flaws.” These are the hallmarks of real beauty.

Founded in 2006, Nest is a nonprofit committed to the social and economic advancement of global artisans and homeworkers through supply chain transparency, sustainable business development, and widespread industry advocacy. By providing artisan businesses with replicable but also high-impact programs while building scalable solutions to challenges facing the sector as a whole, Nest is creating a more inclusive and circular global economy with the power to alleviate poverty, strengthen families, and preserve endangered cultural traditions. Read More

Delta SkyWish Partners with Polaris Project

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Every day, traffickers use the world’s vast transportation networks to exploit their victims.

We see human traffickers operate wherever a transportation system can be utilized for profit – in truck stops, train stations, cabs, and airports. That’s why partnerships are important, so Polaris can bring awareness to human trafficking in transportation hubs across the nation.

And the airline industry is fighting back, taking steps to eliminate trafficking from their networks and supporting survivors with help. In that vein, Polaris and Delta Air Lines are announcing a new partnership enabling Delta flyers to directly support survivors of human trafficking through their SkyWish program.

Delta SkyMiles members with unused miles in their accounts can now visit the SkyWish page and donate those miles to Polaris, as well as a number of other charity leaders around the world. Polaris will then use the miles donated through the SkyWish program to pay for the airfare survivors need to return home, receive critical services, reunite with their children or families, or engage in survivor leadership opportunities.

Delta has also generously offered to match up to 3 million of donated miles. These donations will make tremendous strides in helping cover the costs to get survivors the help and support they need, as well as ensure they have the ability to travel around the country for advocacy efforts without needing to worry about paying for their airfare.

Delta, a leader in domestic and international travel, has long-supported charities throughout the world, and Polaris is honored to be teaming up with them in such a profound way. To learn more about the SkyWish program or to donate some of your own miles, visit www.delta.com/skywish. Read More

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
Desmond Tutu