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Spark MicroGrants’ Executive Director Sasha Fisher Selected for Inaug...

April 25, 2018
April 25, 2018|

Recognizing a pioneering approach to community development, the Obama Foundation this week selected Spark MicroGrants’ Executive Director and co-founder Sasha Fisher to join the inaugural 2018 Fellows class. Sasha will join 20 Fellows selected from more than 20,000 applicants from 191 countries to participate in a two-year program that brings together leaders from around the world focused on creating transformational change in response to the world’s most pressing problems. The Obama Foundation selected Sasha Fisher to continue Spark MicroGrants’ work on using community organizing and catalyst grants to foster democratic and economic development in rural Africa and beyond. Read More

Anseye Pou Ayiti’s Executive Director Nedgine Paul Deroly Selected fo...

April 23, 2018
April 23, 2018|

By being selected for the Obama Foundation’s Fellowship program, Nedgine Paul Deroly has just joined a circle of prestigious world leaders. The founder of the organization Anseye Pou Ayiti (APA) – Teaching for Haiti in Engslish – is now one of the 20 finalists of this contest coveted by at least 20,000 participants around the world. Read More

Gender Equality Restores a Family

Mutinta Chiseko | April 10, 2018
April 10, 2018|

Last week was World Health Day, a global day of awareness established by the World Health Organization. This year's theme, #HealthforAll, calls on people around the world to step up to work to achieve Goal Read More

IDF Welcomes Lina Maria Cañon to the Team!

April 9, 2018
April 9, 2018|

"In my role at the Imago Dei Fund, I look forward to contributing to the empowerment of individuals and organizations who are so invested in challenging and changing the systems in place, and creating a Read More

Join the Sojourners’ Summit 2018 in Washington DC, June 13-15

April 9, 2018
April 9, 2018|

The Summit is a unique cross-sector gathering of leaders committed to world change through faith and justice. Thought leaders and movement makers from a variety of faith traditions and fields will meet to discuss, strategize, and create opportunities to act on some of the most pressing issues in our nation and world. Instead of a large conference, The Summit convenes an intimate gathering of 300 leaders committed to finding solutions through collaboration. Read More

Cartier Philanthropy and ICRW Release a New Study Mapping Male Engagement i...

April 9, 2018
April 9, 2018|

Meaningful engagement with men and boys is increasingly recognized as critical to gender equality and equity, necessary not only for women’s empowerment, but also for transforming the social and gender norms that reinforce patriarchy and inequality and harm both women and men. Read More

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